Friday, November 2, 2012


I cant get enough PUMPKIN!!!! Some of my favs are...
-Kneaders PUMPKIN Steamer
-Kneaders PUMPKIN Bread
-Great Harvest PUMPKIN chocolate chip bread
-Carving and picking PUMPKINS
-PUMPKIN cupcake and PUMPKIN spice candles from Bath and Body Works
-My PUMPKIN bars with almond cream cheese frosting
-My PUMPKIN cake roll
-PUMPKIN pie with whip cream
-Corner Cafe Gingerbread PUMPKIN Bundt cake
-Krispy Kreme PUMPKIN Cake Doughnuts
-JCW's PUMPKIN shakes
-Dryers Slow Churned PUMPKIN Ice cream
-Charlie Brown's...The Great PUMPKIN
-PUMPKIN pancakes
-PUMPKIN art work from my kids

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